Gum: Sheep Secretions
Lanolin—a goopy, oily secretion found in sheep's wool—is an FDA-approved additive used to soften chewing gum. It can also be found in cosmetics, sunscreen, and baby products.
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Cheese: Sawdust
Cellulose, or virgin wood pulp that is more commonly identified as sawdust, is an ingredient found in shredded cheese. It keeps the shreds from clumping up. Cellulose also appears in Kraft Parmesan Cheese.
The Street found 15 other companies that use "wood" in their products.
The USDA, which regulates meat, has decided that meat products that consist of more than 3.5 percent cellulose cannot be recognized as nutritionally sound.
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This may be the most expensive penis graffiti in the history of humanity. NASA's twin exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity accidentally drew what appears to be a large phallus during their 10km-plus exploration on the surface of Mars.
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