--> Wow So You Guys Are Like Bugs Now - JustPost: Virtually entertaining

Two guys are playing golf. The women in front of them are really taking their time and are slowing the men up.

So one man says to his friend, "I'm gonna go ask those ladies if we can play through."

He starts walking, but about halfway there, he turns around. When he gets back, his friend asks what happened.

He replies, "One of those women is my wife, and the other is my mistress. Why don't you go talk to them?"

So the second man starts to walk over. He gets halfway there and turns around.

When he gets back, his friend asks,"Now what happened?"

To this he replies, "Small world."

I’m impressed. It’s kinda like Ocean’s 11. This guy is probably sitting on a Caribbean beach sucking down fruity drinks right now living the dream. I guess if you are going to be a piece of sh*t thief, you might as well be an ingenious one.